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    Would it be bad if I made this my text tone

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  2. i just napped for 3 hours. I’m more tired than I was before I napped

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    Ian Rubbish: It’s been alright. I’ve had a lovely Night with you.

    Top of the Pops.

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    Stefon’s Wedding |x| SNL 18/5/2013 

    German Smurfs, Gizblow the coked up Gremlin, Human Fire Extinguishers, Ben Affleck and is that Ryan Seacrest? No it’s a drowned albino who looks like Axl Rose.

    I’m going to miss Bill Hader.

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  6. congrats snl u have managed to make me cry and not from laughter

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    my feelings about SNL tonight.

    Snap out of it! It’s time to live blog this finale!


  8. bill’s last cold open



  9. if i could get paid for making people hate me by just being my normal self i’d make a lot of money

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    The Bill Hader GQ Interview

    Before he takes his final bow on SNL, Sloane Crosley talks to comedian Bill Hader on “Stefon,” his classic SNL impressions, and new film The To Do List.

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    Bye baby. It’s been great.

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  13. the reason why i cant do any of my homework is because bill hader is leaving snl just gonna cry the night away 

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